25 Things You May Not Know About Miss Madeline Rose

This is Miss Madeline Rose’s husband taking over her blog for the day! TODAY is the one and only Miss Madeline Rose’s 25th birthday!! That is a quarter of a century! To celebrate this momentous occasion (and to copy an amazing idea that Madeline did for my 25th birthday a few months back, I’ve surprised her and put together a list of 25 things you may or may not know about Madeline Rose Taylor:

  1. As of today, Madeline is the most beautiful 25 year old on planet earth.
  2. Madeline is the most stylish girl I know. And she usually does it all within a pretty tight budget (sorry, babe!).
  3. Because of her eye for beauty, elegance, and grace, Madeline is famous on Instagram for her beauty, lifestyle, wellness blog, “Miss Madeline Rose.” (@madelinerosetaylor)
  4. Madeline makes the coolest Instagram stories to document our life together. She has a knack for picking just the right shots, and just the right song to go with it, to capture whatever memory we’re making.
  5. Madeline is the best dental hygienist in the city of Chicago. No doubt about it. Let me know if you need a teeth-cleaner.
  6. In addition to being Insta-famous and an amazing dental hygienist, in 2019 Madeline partnered with Young Living to make our home clean and help others do the same, with essential oils and all of Young Living’s awesome products.
  7. Madeline leads a team of nearly 100 women in Young Living, encouraging them and teaching them how to do all the oil things (Her team is growing and she’d welcome having you on it if you’re interested!). (@madelinerose.essentials)
  8. As you can tell, Madeline is a gifted entrepreneur, always using her gifts of an eye for beauty, elegance, and grace to do innovative, creative things, and to lead others into those things as well.
  9. Madeline is using her entrepreneurial skills and unique giftings to be my breadwinner during this season that I am in law school. In other words, she supports my student lifestyle in word and deed. Such a stud.
  10. Madeline is an amazing interior designer! In less than a year here in Chicago, she has transformed our apartment into a welcoming, beautiful place to call home. (Please come visit!)
  11. Madeline’s favorite food is vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. This also happens to be my favorite ice cream combo, something we have been bonding over since freshman year of high school!
  12. A close second is Peppermint ice cream, which Madeline especially loves to eat during the Christmas season. I do not share this love with Madeline. Part of marriage is learning to appreciate your spouse in their uniqueness…
  13. An honorable mention to Blue Bell’s Cookie Two Step ice cream. I do share this love with her. We miss this flavor a whole lot right now, since there is no Blue Bell ice cream here in Chicago.
  14. As you may have guessed from the last three points, eating ice cream together one of our favorite shared hobbies. One of our favorite places to go to here in Chicago is called “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.” I highly recommend!
  15. Madeline is an angel. I’m not joking; she is a Pi Phi sister of the Texas Tech variety. Although I also mean it in the cheesy / she’s so beautiful that she must have fallen from heaven kind of way. 🙂
  16. Madeline is a talented photographer. She has documented much of our two+ years of marriage and the different adventures we’ve had the blessing to take on her blog / Instagram. Go check it out!
  17. Madeline friend-zoned me our freshman year of high school. I had just turned 16 and gotten my driver’s license. I had a crush on her. I went to her locker to ask her on a date, and before I could get a word out, she said, “I think we should just be friends.” I quickly responded, “I agree!”
  18. Madeline changed her mind: we started dating and became Facebook Official sophomore year of high school, on January 16th, 2011.
  19. Madeline attended and graduated from the best dental hygiene program in the whole, great state of Texas, and one of the best programs in the country: Texas A&M School of Dentistry in downtown Dallas.
  20. Madeline is resilient. She moved to Chicago with me, and with that came all sorts of life changes, such as a six month winter. She has been steadfast through it all!
  21. Madeline comes from an absolute amazing family. They are super tight-knit, loving, and full of joy, and they have been kind enough to invite me into their crew. Mr. Ron, Ms. Melanie, Sweet Caroline, thank you for being you, and for making the first 25 years of Madeline’s life so special!
  22. Madeline makes a mean Nestle Break-n-bake cookie. It has become one of our staple desserts here in Chicago.
  23. Madeline is Dallas born and Dallas raised. This move to Chicago is the first time she has ever lived outside of the great state of Texas. Don’t worry, Texas. We want to come home after law school.
  24. Madeline has West Texas roots, which includes ranching skills that you might not expect from a famous, fashion-blogging, dental hygienist. Her granddad was a West Texas Rancher, and he taught her how to do all sorts of things on the ranch.
  25. Madeline has the prettiest eyes in the whole world. Probably weekly, she gets asked about her mascara routine. Now that she is my dental hygienist, I have the honor of at least every six months getting to stare into her eyes as she cleans my teeth. 😄

I hope you enjoyed reading up on the most beautiful, elegant, and graceful Miss Madeline Rose on her special day! Now we are off to a date night downtown.

May we all bloom and grow now and forevermore,
Mr. Charles Taylor, Philosopher at Large

  • Trudy Reed August 13, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    That was absolutely precious and love and miss you both!!

  • Mama August 13, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    Oh my goodness. Lots of laugh out loud moments and sweet endearing sighs. I love you two! So glad you enjoy sharing special birthdays.

    Happy birthday, my darling 1st born!

  • Kristine August 13, 2019 at 10:36 pm

    I LOVE this! So so sweet! Y’all are so precious and I miss y’all so much💕

  • Lucy-Claire August 14, 2019 at 1:18 am

    This is so precious! What a sweet man you have!! Senidng all the birthday Love! xx

  • Rita McWhorter August 14, 2019 at 7:06 am

    Chas, this was precious, to know and appreciate each other is so special. There is such joy in your birthday gift to her. Thank you for sharing. You are remarkable together~ Mossy

  • Steve Sickman August 14, 2019 at 11:13 am

    Greatness. Love both of your families.