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My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Entering 38 weeks this week and now that I’m no longer working I’ve been enjoying spending this last bit of free time nesting and wrapping up some finishing touches on a few blog posts I’ve had in the works.

This pregnancy has gone by so quickly and has truly been a dream. I am forever grateful for the privilege of being able to carry this sweet baby for the past nine months. He has been a little angel! In a way I’m sad for it to be nearing the end as I will miss all of his tiny kicks and constant hiccups and just having him feel so safe and cozy with me. But of course I’m even more excited to see his precious face and finally snuggle him in my arms!

I’ve broken down some of my pregnancy must-haves by trimester below for any fellow expecting mamas in hopes that you might find something to make your journey a little more lovely.

Nothing Fits But Pregnancy Dress | Miss Madeline RoseMy Pregnancy Must-Haves | Miss Madeline Rose

First Trimester

  • If you are looking for an exceptional prenatal I have been taking ritual prenatals for a few years now and continue to be so happy with them. You can set up a subscription that delivers them straight to your door so you never run out (which is so helpful as pregnancy brain has been a real thing for me!). I love that they are easy to swallow, have a delayed-release capsule so they don’t make me nauseous, and are made with a subtle lemon flavor that is just delightful.
  • Chas and I have been incorporating this delicious drink called Ningxia into our daily routine the past few years and we love it. Rich in antioxidants, it is packed full of all the good ingredients you want nourishing your (and baby’s!) body. I think it was a big reason I didn’t struggle with much fatigue during my first trimester – it’s energizing without the caffeine! I usually drink 2oz a day, but since getting pregnant I’ve upped it to about 4-6oz a day. My favorite way to drink it is on ice with sparkling lime water from Trader Joe’s in my stanley tumbler.
  • Although I never experienced morning sickness, there were a few nights around 9 weeks that I would get a little queasy if I hadn’t eaten or certain smells would trigger me. I kept a bag of these vitamin B6 lozenges in my nightstand and thought they were helpful!
  • I also bought these sea bands just for prevention and would wear them to work and I was never nauseous.
  • The very first thing I ordered the night we found out was this book. I’ve never read anything so thoroughly and so fast before! It is filled with helpful information on how to safely use essential oils while pregnant. A few of my must-have oils are: Progessence Plus (this oil helped regulate my cycles and is a reason I believe we were able to get pregnant as quickly as we did), I’m never without peppermint and digize as they are so supportive for any tummy troubles, and valor is like my bravery in a bottle. It makes me feel so relaxed and calm! I also made the dreamiest belly oil that I apply each night and haven’t had any stretch marks yet.
  • I look forward to the week by week updates on baby’s development and what to expect as far as pregnancy symptoms through The Bump app. Chas also has his own version that is quite comical called Daddy Up. I think it’s sweet and makes him feel more a part of the process.
  • In researching pregnancy safe skincare I switched over to Elta MD Sunscreen which is a mineral based sunscreen instead of a chemical sunscreen. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula is protective and does not breakout my skin.
  • A few of my favorite clean makeup brands that I started using before I was pregnant and continue to love during this season are Merit, Westman Atelier, Ilia, and Savvy Minerals.
  • This Barely Zero Wireless Bra is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever tried. It adapts to your body for a close, custom fit and continues to adapt as you start experiencing your body changing more rapidly. I ordered one and loved it so much that I bought a few more!

Nothing Fits But Pregnancy Dress | Miss Madeline RoseNothing Fits But Pregnancy Dress | Miss Madeline Rose

Second Trimester

  • Lake Pajamas conveniently had their annual sale during my second trimester which was the perfect time to stock up on a few sets of their luxurious pima cotton pajamas and a new robe in a timeless french blue stripe.
  • Hatch makes these ultra soft before, during, and after leggings that feel so cozy on your expanding bump. I lived in them all winter!
  • If you’re looking for a cute and comfortable pair of sneakers I love how these are designed to be hands-free so you don’t have to bend over to put them on – perfect for expecting mamas!
  • Instead of buying maternity clothes I mostly rented some darling pieces through Nuuly. I’ve loved taking advantage of this clothing rental subscription on and off the past few years and knew it would be even more convenient for pregnancy. You can choose 6 items for $88/month. This link will get you $20 off your first month!
  • I purchased this Nothing Fits But dress for my baby shower. They have a wide variety of beautifully smocked pieces perfect for before, during and after pregnancy. I already have it packed in my hospital bag for when we come home.

My Pregnancy Must-Haves | Miss Madeline RoseNothing Fits But Pregnancy Dress | Miss Madeline Rose

Third Trimester

  • I ordered this belly band halfway through my third trimester to wear while I was still working and it was nice to have some extra support. I haven’t experienced any back or pelvic pain yet, but it is supposed to help with that as well. I have my eye on this one for postpartum.
  • This seamless maternity shapewear is made with moisture wicking and breathable fabric that provides a flattering silhouette while being supportive. I found it to be perfect under those fitted pieces that are fun to sport with a bump.
  • When researching oils for labor and delivery I discovered this claraderm spray came highly recommended by numerous moms. It’s a more natural option to dermoplast and helps prepare the skin for a baby (so many women said it helped them not tear and heal much quicker post baby). We’ll see! I started using it twice a day at 35 weeks. It’s formulated with incredible skin supporting oils like myrrh, tea tree, lavender, frankincense, roman chamomile, and helichrysum.
  • One of the items I included on my baby registry was this beautiful baby book. It’s been sweet to slowly start filling the pages with special moments like how we found out and reflect on the past nine months with the thoughtful prompts included in the book. I still love flipping through my mom’s creative memories scrapbook she made for me and my sister. He may not appreciate it as much as me, but it is special nonetheless!
bloom + grow forever,
Madeline Rose


  • Rita mcwhorter May 24, 2022 at 12:42 pm

    Oh, Madeline, how exciting. This is almost the best part. Being pregnant is just about the sweetest thing on earth, walking every day with Susie, my dog, taking a few daring trips to San Antonio for the day with Dan, and knowing in maybe three more days that baby would be here. You are right, you kinda get nostalgic about it all being over. The big surprise for me was that everyone loved that new baby so much. I have been so excited for Sharon, so many sweet things going on for her. Her life is flooded with blessings.
    Love you and Chas, what a wonderful family.
    Mossy 💕

    • Miss Madeline Rose May 24, 2022 at 1:02 pm

      It is so sweet, Mossy! We are just full of anticipation + excitement for this next special season.
      Hugs to you! Xx