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Bloom + Grow Baby

Our Merriest Christmas yet! Still in complete shock and over the moon to share our sweet Baby Taylor blooming in June! Praising the Lord for this precious gift. These past few months have already been so special as we are soaking up all the joy + excitement while we dream about and prepare for our first baby.

And before I share I want to acknowledge that fertility can be such a sensitive topic and if you are in a season of waiting I want you to know I am praying for you. I had a sweet friend remind me before we started trying that it is the Lord who opens and closes the womb and that just gave me such peace. His timing for you is perfect and His story for your life is special because it is yours.

Baby Announcement | Miss Madeline RoseChicago Baby Announcement | Miss Madeline Rose

How We Found Out

October 7, 2021. A day I will never forget. I had been feeling a little off the past week and I was a few days late starting my cycle. I didn’t think much about it and just assumed it would be coming at any day. I wasn’t even planning on taking a pregnancy test, but after mentioning how late I was to Chas he sweetly volunteered to grab a few on his way home from work just to have for when we would need them one day. Just picturing him at the checkout with three different brands of pregnancy tests makes me giggle. 

That afternoon he called me with exciting news that the email with his bar results arrived and I begged him to wait so we could open it together (what’s a few more hours when you’ve already been waiting three months, right?). As soon as he got home we hovered around his laptop, opened up the email to the word “congratulations” and embraced in great excitement and relief. Praise the Lord! I had totally forgotten about the pregnancy tests and he pulled one out of the bag and said “well, do you want to take the pregnancy test?” I honestly was not in a hurry to find out, but after Chas reminded me that not many people can find out they passed the bar and are going to be a dad on the same day, how could I say no to that? I think deep down I wanted to know, but there was definitely some fear I had to surrender.

I always thought whenever I got pregnant I would surprise Chas and do something sentimental, but it was sweet having him right there with me as we were about to find out. He was so cute reading the directions very meticulously making sure I did everything just right as he handed me the little pink stick. Then we waited. The longest 3 minutes lapsed. I started convincing myself that I wasn’t, trying to ease the potential disappointment, but sure enough we turned it over to see two pink lines that were clear as day. We’re having a baby!!! A rush of shock, disbelief, excitement, fear, nervousness flooded over me as we just stood there staring at that symbol of our life-changing reality. As if I needed more proof, I proceeded to unwrap the next two tests and sure enough they were both positive giving me the assurance that there was, in fact, a little baby blooming inside me. 

I feel like this is important to note because this is truly where my word for the year surrender came into play. I had a feeling in January that this might be the year we start trying since Chas was going to be done with law school and start working. I always dreamed of being a mama and growing our family, but the idea of pregnancy was always something that gave me a lot of fear + anxiety. I think it was mostly because of the dreadful stories of the first trimester and constant sickness that gave me pause in rushing into it. Confession: I have an irrational fear of throwing up. I know, it’s silly but I have not thrown up since 1st grade and a huge reason why I got into essential oils is because peppermint was such a powerful supporting tool for me anytime I felt nauseous. Those first few weeks and really just entire first trimester were some of the sweetest quiet times I had thanking the Lord for each good day I had and asking Him to give me a “stomach of steel” literally, I prayed that. There were also multiple things I did to stay ahead of any possible nausea that helped so much that I can go into later in another post. 

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Telling Our Families

My sister, Caroline, was the first person I called the day after we found out. She used to work as a fertility nurse and I had already been telling her how I was feeling off the week before and based off my symptoms she had replied with, “oh, you’re pregnant.” I had no idea I was at the time she told me that so once I knew we actually were having a baby I wanted to throw her off so I just told her my cycle came and I was sad about it and wanted to talk on her lunch break.

I facetimed her and held up all three pregnancy tests and could not believe how long it took for her to look at me! I have a video of it, but for the first ten seconds she was being so sweet and consoling me that she didn’t even notice the three pregnancy tests I was holding up. Her mouth dropped to the floor and she lit up with excitement. She said she would tell our parents that I called her crying that I started my cycle and to not ask me about it, ha! (They had also been in the loop that something might be up) It felt so surreal getting to celebrate with her sister to sister. She’s already a baby whisperer and is going to be the best aunt!!

The timing of everything has felt like such a gift. My parents already had a trip planned to come visit and see our new apartment the second week of October. It was so hard for me to keep it a secret for a full week, but I knew it would be so special getting to tell them in person when they arrived. We started brainstorming creative ways to tell them. Caroline helped us come up with a darling idea of ordering room service and having the pregnancy test sitting on a plate under the little dome. We immediately called their hotel to see if it was something we could pull off and they were so excited to help. (A special thanks to our friends at the Waldorf!)

I was a nervous wreck all day, anxiously role playing how it would pan out. Chas met me after work and we bused over to their hotel. When we got to their room we talked for a while catching up and making plans for the weekend (I still don’t know how I was able to act normal during those 15 minutes). Later, there was a knock at the door and I burst out, “I ordered you beignets!” They totally believed it and were so excited that my mom sat down and said, “we should take a picture!” Not even my idea, how perfect. Chas started recording as my dad removed the dome cover and the pregnancy test was sitting there looking up at both of them.

So much joy and excitement ensued and I completely lost it and couldn’t stop crying exclaiming that “I’ve had to keep it a secret for 7 days!!!” Right after we told my parents we facetimed Chas’ and they were also thrilled and speechless. We caught the sweetest reactions of all of them on video along with a handful of others that I’m still trying to decide if I should make public or keep just for our personal memories. Let me know if that’s something you would like to see! I still get teary every time I watch them. This precious baby is already so loved and prayed over. 

Baby Announcement | Miss Madeline RoseBaby Announcement | Miss Madeline Rose

Due Date

There have been so many sweet little God winks (as I like to call them) during these last four months. I know there is no perfect day to get married, but in my head June 10th was it. I probably saw it in a movie when I was little or something, but I’ve just always loved that date and since I was in hygiene school when Chas and I were planning our wedding I only had breaks in May or July so I gave up on my June 10th dream (and as a matter of fact, I do have two very dear friends who hold that date as their wedding anniversary!) so you can imagine I was a puddle when the ultrasound technician said 6/10 would be our projected due date! (Also, I know it’s very uncommon for the baby to actually be delivered on their due date, but a girl can dream). 

We are so ready for this next new season and excited to share it with you!

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3

bloom + grow little one,
Mama + Daddy

  • Sydney Ledesma December 19, 2021 at 8:16 pm

    Oh, Madeline!!! I am so, so excited for you guys. Cannot wait to see what Baby Taylor will be. And, since you asked, I am such a sucker for pregnancy reveal videos so if you feel led to share I will be the first to watch.. ha! Sending hugs + prayers for you and baby from Louisiana!