My Favorite Baby Products

Feeling nostalgic as I scroll through the past eleven months of photos (yes, the little fella is eleven months old!) and quickly glance at my baby registry to refresh my memory on some of my favorite baby products we have used since the addition of our sweet Archie. Whether you are about to start your own registry or have just welcomed your new bundle of joy, I hope these recommendations can serve as a helpful guide!

When it comes to shopping for your first baby there are so many options and opinions, it can feel quite overwhelming. I spent hours researching and curating my baby registry and am including items that I genuinely love and use. I’m grateful to all of my girlfriends and seasoned mama’s ahead of me (including many of you!) who were so helpful in sharing their favorite baby products with me. And if you just found out you’re expecting, I have a post with my pregnancy must-haves by trimester here.

Baby Carrier | Miss Madeline Rose Baby Bassinet | Miss Madeline Rose

Baby Gear

Artipoppe Carrier – I have really enjoyed baby wearing and this is the most beautiful and comfortable baby carrier. It is easy to put on and thoughtfully designed as you can wear it with baby facing in or out as well as on your back. Use this link for a discount and free express shipping!

Bassinet stand, liner, and sheet and pod – One of my girlfriends recommended this beautiful yet simple bassinet and it is just perfect! Archie slept in it during those first three months and its lightweight enough to carry from room to room if you need to. It makes it even more special to us that our grandparents were the ones who gifted it to us.

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker – A sweet baby rocker that turns into a rocking chair once baby outgrows it. Archie likes to recline in it while we read books and it’s the cutest thing!

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger – If you end up getting the bassinet with the pod you really don’t need another snuggle me because it’s basically the same thing. I kept mine (with this cozy cover) at my parent’s house. They’re nice to have when you need a hands-free safe space for lounging.

4moms Breeze Plus Playard – The most seamless set up and take down, you can do it with one hand!


Baby Stroller | Miss Madeline RoseFavorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose


Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller – If you haven’t heard of the Doona it’s one of the greatest inventions for parents, at least that’s what Chas and I think! It is a car seat and stroller in one which makes going out and about a breeze. We were able to strap it into every uber while we were in Chicago and it’s just the right size to easily fit through revolving doors, buses, trains – perfect for city living/no car life. This padded travel bag has been great to protect it from getting beat up on the plane and I added this handlebar cover to make it look a little more unique. 

Silver Cross Wave Stroller – Silver Cross knows how to make a gorgeous stroller. It glides like a dream, the leather detailing, large storage underneath, easy to fold up, comes with a cup holder (that fits a Stanley) and so much more. It has a beautiful quilted interior along the bassinet which is suitable for overnight sleep if needed. Both the bassinet and toddler seat are included and can easily convert into seven different configurations. I just love it.

Stroller Fan – The best fan for you mamas having summer babies! It easily attaches to your stroller. You can choose from three modes, there’s even a light setting, adjustable legs that can be bent over and over and still function. I had a few people tell me to pack one in my hospital bag! I’m grateful for that advice because it was so nice having it on next to me while I was in labor.

Baby Car Mirror – Once we moved back to Texas and bought a car we immediately installed this. I love the size and that I can keep an eye on Archie from the rearview mirror.



Lovevery Play Mat | Miss Madeline RoseIconic Ralph Lauren Baby Flag Sweater | Miss Madeline Rose

Clothing & Accessories

Kyte Baby Zipper Footies and Lake Pajamas are made of that incredibly soft dreamy fabric and wash so well. And zippers. We love a zipper.

Sleep Bag and Linen padded sleep sack – I didn’t really understand the need for a sleep sack until we started using one. They’re basically a safe wearable blanket to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s like Archie’s own little duvet and he loves it! I like to use the Kyte ones in the cooler months and the padded linen in the warmer months.

Ollie Swaddle – We tried no swaddle and swaddle and he slept so much better when he was all bundled up. This one made it quick and easy!

Going Home Outfit – I love the timeless style and delicate blue details of the Kissy Kissy Hat, Mittens, Onesie and these booties!

Ralph Lauren Iconic Flag Sweater – Archie turned one month old on the 4th of July so I couldn’t help myself with this purchase. We also used it for his first Halloween costume as the RL Teddy Bear. I know it will be a special heirloom piece.



Favorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose Silver Cross Wave Stroller | Miss Madeline Rose


Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair – The design of this high chair allows you to bring your baby straight up to the table and it grows with them over time. We went with the walnut as I like how it blends in with our table and flooring (plus you don’t see the mess quite as much!) but you can choose from an array of pretty colors!

Inglesia Table Chair – This portable high chair easily attaches to the edge of most tables. We keep this at my parent’s house, but it’s also great to have for on-the-go!

Dr. Brown’s glass bottles – I prefer glass bottles over plastic and these have been perfect! I use these bamboo brushes to clean them and love this nontoxic bamboo drying rack that folds flat for easy storage.

Silicone baby bib, snack cup, sippy cup (great for smoothies) – these are all easy to clean with an assortment of pretty colors! I ordered this sippy cup to put in Archie’s Easter basket last month and it is amazing. It’s indestructible and spill-proof!



Favorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline RoseFavorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose


Elvie portable pumps are life-changing. I found them on sale and decided to splurge since I work one day a week and knew I wanted to keep breastfeeding as long as it feels right for us. It’s so nice to be hands-free and they’re so quiet it’s barely noticeable! When I’m not using them I sometimes pump with the pink spectra I got from my insurance. Another recommendation I’ve been thankful to have is the Elvie curve. If you’ve heard of the Haakaa it’s like that but better (in my opinion)! It’s a manual wearable breast pump that catches the letdown from the other side and unlike the Haakaa (that my friends said would often get kicked off by baby) it fits in your bra so no crying over spilled milk! 

Amma cover – My parents bought this for me for my birthday and it’s so chic. The soft knit is breathable, lightweight, wrinkle and stain resistant (mine came with a little mesh laundry bag for washing) and can also be used as a stroller cover or baby blanket.

La Maman wedge – When I think of beautiful and practical I think of this. A nursing pillow that provides the perfect amount of support while doubling as decor. I used it every day until Archie got too big for it and now it’s just a sweet little pillow in his nursery! 

Lake dreamknit kimono set – I lived in this set postpartum! The kimono style makes it easy to nurse in and who doesn’t feel put together in a cozy matching set!? The dreamknit fabric is just that, dreamy and luxurious! One of my favorites to gift new mama friends. I wear a small in this set and would say it runs true to size, even slightly big.

Nemah nipple balm – Another favorite to gift! I love all of the Nemah products, including their stretch mark cream! This renewing balm is incredible and was such a game changer for my nursing experience. All clean ingredients!

Lactation massager – I feel like this saved me from getting any clogged ducts or mastitis – I used it mostly in the shower and it brought so much relief as I was figuring out the hang of nursing. These ice packs provided a lot of comfort too!

Muslip burp cloths – So soft, gentle, and absorbent. We were constantly going through these in the first few months.



Favorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose Favorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose

Bath Time

Angelcare Baby bath support – Bath time is always a highlight of the day for me. Archie has loved it since he was a newborn and I liked the convenience of this simple little bathtub. It was just the right size for our kitchen sink in Chicago and was easy to clean and store once we were done.

Weezie bath set – this set includes a hooded towel and a pair of washcloths with blue gingham trim and can be embroidered which would make a great gift! If you’re looking for plush perfection this hooded baby towel is it!

Baby Bath Robe – One of my girlfriends gifted us this darling little robe (complete with his monogram) and I can’t get over how adorable he looks in it!

Baby hair brush set – Little fella arrived with quite a head of hair so this sweet set was well loved from the start!



Favorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline RoseFavorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose


Coterie diapers are pricey but let me tell you they feel like cashmere and are simply the best. I liked to remind Chas that the nights Archie slept the longest he was wearing a Coterie. We also like the Kirkland brand which are also fragrance-free and aren’t as expensive. This Ubbi diaper pail works well to keep the odor at bay.

Tender tush is another miracle product that I highly recommend! We used it every night as prevention for diaper rashes and Archie has had maybe one rash in the past eleven months so I’d say it works! We used this diaper rash cream with Chas’ favorite product, the baby bum brush. I also love and use their lavender baby wipes. They’re so soft and smell like a dream!

Diaper Bag – After researching numerous diaper bags I landed on this beautiful vegan leather style that is structured yet slouchy with multiple pockets and a water resistant lining. It is versatile and can be worn as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or backpack. I have the stone colorway but linking sand which is very similar. This changing pad is also a must! The magnetic closure makes it easy to open and it folds up to fit perfectly in one of the many interior pockets of my diaper bag.

Olli Ella Reva Changing Basket – A beautiful addition to our changing table (that we still use!) complete with this custom water resistant pad and this neutral stripe cover.



Favorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline RoseFavorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose

Nursery & Decor

Satin edged pram baby blanket for the stroller, Willaby muslin blanket for snuggling on the sofa, deBuci toile baby blanket perfect for picnics! 

Parterre petite blanket – smitten with this clover stripe and the precious Posie lovie. A sweet shop to explore with beautiful and unique pieces.

Lovevery playgym – Lots of tummy time spent on this engaging play mat with activities to foster exploration and growth. 



Favorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline RoseFavorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose


Sugar paper baby book – I love how sweet and simple this baby book is. Filled with pages of all the milestones you want to remember.

Jesus storybook bible – Already praying that the stories in this beautifully written and illustrated book capture our little Archie’s heart. We have also enjoyed this book about animals of the Bible that was gifted to us by our church when we dedicated Archie.

Guess How Much I love you – Another classic we enjoy. He was so little here *cue the tears*

Love you forever – I will never be able to read this book and not cry, especially being the mama of a baby boy.

Animals around the farm – A fun and interactive way to introduce animals and their sounds. Archie loves this one!



Favorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline RoseFavorite Baby Products | Miss Madeline Rose


Frigg rope natural rubber baby pacifier and Mushie wooden pacifier clip – our favorite pacifiers in the sweetest colorways.

Tubby Tod All Over Ointment  – A creamy fragrance-free moisturizer that works like magic! Anytime Archie scratched his face I would rub a tiny bit on and the next day it would be completely gone – best part, it’s all clean with plant-based ingredients.

Hatch Sound machine provided a peaceful atmosphere and a cozy nightlight perfect for those middle of the night feedings. We kept this smaller Travel Sound Machine in our diaper bag perfect for on-the-go. Another thing we discovered a few months in was that our iPhones actually have a built in sound machine! Open up your Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > turn on Background Sounds > Select the sound! We prefer dark noise and loved the convenience if needed.

Electric nail file took away all my worries about nicking those sweet little fingers and made it so easy to quickly and safely trim his nails. Also, the dental hygienist in me couldn’t not have one of these infant training toothbrush.

Foot measuring device – This is the only thing I don’t actually own but it’s on my list! It can be tricky to know what size shoes to buy for littles and this looks like a seamless way to get the perfect fit on the first purchase.


bloom and grow forever,
Madeline Rose