Bloom + Grow .06

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Chas and I stayed home most of the weekend. I relaxed and he read. Law school is starting to get a little more intense for Chas (8 hours of reading and writing on Saturday, bless him).

If you’re new around here I share what I like to call bloom + grow posts each week sharing my highs + lows, if you will, from the week before. You can read more about my hopes for this series in this original post

  • Chas came with me to work and I got to clean his teeth for the first time.
  • The Porch podcast on Proverbs 31 – so good. Give it a listen even if you’re single, dating, engaged, or married!
  • Designer inspired sunglasses under $10
  • Quip electric toothbrush – have any of you tried it? I really want to try one. They look so chic and are also electric.
  • Watched my fist Hallmark Christmas movie of the season! Too soon? Never. And it just happened to be one based in Chicago… I can’t wait for Christmas time in the city!

  • You guys. (I’ve been called out for a couple of my “Y’alls” around here so working on my midwest lingo…) I think we have a super sensitive smoke detector in our apartment. Or it could be that baking chicken in the oven should not go on a cookie sheet. Who knew there would be oils dripping over the edge causing the smoke alarm to go off 4 times in one evening. I almost gave up and opted for cereal, but Chas encouraged me to push through.
  • Beanie or ear warmer is the real question I’m currently debating. I’ve never been a big beanie person, but after being told I have a chance of bursting an ear drum with these Chicago winter winds I’m in full research mode to find the best protection while still somewhat fashionable. Would love your thoughts!

If you missed last weeks bloom + grow you can read it here.

bloom & grow forever,
Madeline Rose


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