Our Wedding Day + Video

Today, November 26th, is 6 months from the day we got married + exactly 1 year from the day we got engaged! What better time to (finally!!!) share some of my favorite moments from our wedding day!

Scroll to the bottom of the post to watch our wedding video!

May 26, 2017 was an absolute dream. My prayer leading up to the big day was that I would be fully present and soak in every moment. As someone who can be somewhat of a perfectionist I knew I was going to need to trust the Lord with the details in order to be fully present. When our wedding day rolled around I can honestly say I’ve never felt more at peace, yet so excited and confident in my decision to marry Chas. I remember people telling me it would fly by and all be a blur, but I’m grateful to vividly remember a lot of the special moments (Chas + I journaled a ton on our flight to our honeymoon) that happened throughout that day.

I knew I wanted to do something special with Chas’ ring. He took Greek at Rice and decided on “both grace and (agape) love” to be engraved inside his wedding band as a reminder of what for us is the foundation of our marriage.

My dream wedding shoes. I shared more of the story of my wedding shoes in this post, but for my something borrowed my mom gave me the same sixpence that she wore in her shoe when she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

I so love these girls. I kept my dress a secret from them and it was so special + fun seeing their reaction to my bridal portrait when we were getting ready.


Chas + I exchanged wedding gifts before the ceremony. He is an avid reader and major C.S. Lewis fan so I got him a classic edition of the original Four Loves book that he had been wanting. I had also been collecting a shoe box of random little things I had kept throughout our 6 year dating relationship in high school and college. My gift from him was the most beautiful diamond band. I had fallen in love with it when we were ring shopping, and could not believe he actually got it.

A mentor couple of ours gave us the sweetest idea to pick out a new perfume for the wedding day + honeymoon. Every year on your anniversary you take out that perfume and wear it to bring back those special memories. I do have certain smells that spark my memory of different things so having a special scent for my wedding day was the perfect idea for us.

I decided to to a first look with my dad in the chapel and it was another sweet memory I will cherish. We’ve always had a special relationship and I’m thankful that he’s been present throughout my life and a constant source of practical wisdom.

My wedding planner and florist, Mary Frances, did an outstanding job on all of our tablescapes with my favorite flowers. I just wanted white with greenery and she made all my visions come to life better than I could have imagined.

Chas + I debated a lot about doing a first look. I like tradition and the idea of him seeing me for the first time when the doors open, but with our wedding being a little later in the evening we wanted to be able to have time for photos and not be rushed after the ceremony or fight the sunset. I am SO glad we did it!

One thing I knew I wanted were white bridesmaid dresses. I love that they’re different, but still so classy and timeless. And my ladies looked stunning in them!


I’m so grateful to The Lord for blessing us both with the most incredible parents and families.

My best friend, sister, and maid of honor! Caroline has a heart of gold and is constantly serving others with such love + compassion.

This was one of my many favorite moments from the day. There’s something special about having your best friends – from birth, high school, and college roommates – all surrounding you in prayer. As they were lining up to walk down the aisle it hit me how thankful I am for each of them and the role they have all played in my life. It was surprisingly the only time I started tearing up the entire weekend until one of them made me laugh and helped me get it together!

Are my grandmother’s not the cutest?! I have a special relationship with both of them and have gained so much wisdom from their life. I decided I wanted them to be my flower girls and pass out roses to guests as they walked down the aisle. They were tickled about it and did such a good job!

Chas was my first kiss and now my forever kiss!

Marriage has truly been the best gift. It’s so fun to get to do life together with your best friend. There are good days, sanctifying days, humbling days, hard days, emotional days, but these have been some of the best days. Thank you, Lord for giving me the most disciplined, self-less, and thoughtful husband and thank you all for following along as we journey on this adventure together.

bloom & grow forever,

Mr. + Mrs. Taylor


Photography: Cottonwood Road Photography

Videography: Candlelight Films

Venue: Prestonwood Baptist Church Faith Chapel

Wedding Planner + Florist: Mary Frances Bella Bloom

Save The Dates: Marry Me In Spring

Invitations: Elefant Press

Makeup + Hair: Ashlan TaraAnn (@ashlantaraann)

DJ: LeForce Entertainment – We used Adam Morgan and LOVED him!

Catering: Dallas Catering

Wedding Gown + Bolero: Patsy’s Bridal Boutique

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Garter: ASOS

Jeweler: William Noble

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box

Bridesmaid’s Dress: The Dessy Group: off the shoulder style + strapless style

(Patsy’s Bridal does give 10% off each Bridesmaid’s gown if you have 8 or more bridesmaids)

Bridesmaid’s Robes: Piyama

My Robe: Nordstrom

Groom’s Tux: Calvin Klein

Snapchat Sign: Etsy

Snapchat Geofilter: Etsy

Send-off Pom Poms: Silver Light-up Pom Poms