Bloom + Grow .09

  • Went ice skating yesterday for the first time in the city! The Christmas tree was lit up and it was a magical moment gliding on the ice taking in the sights, sounds (and pretty cold temps!) of the season! We even got to witness the sweetest proposal!
  • Tidings of Joy! My first post in the gift guide series is up if you missed it. Sharing gifts for the home.
  • Getting a ride to church. May sounds silly but when you take a bus, train, bus every Sunday it’s quite the treat to get to cruise in a car.
  • Thankful that as children of God we are in a covenant relationship with him, not a contract. His promises to us are not dependent on our deficiencies or our circumstances.

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families who lost their homes and even loved ones from the tragic fires in California. I think I mentioned this before on here, but Pepperdine was actually the other school we had it narrowed down to when we were deciding law schools. We became friends with some of the kindest people in Malibu and are praying for them as well.
bloom & grow forever,
Madeline Rose