Fall in Chicago

Bloom + Grow .08

Another week, another bloom + grow!

  • Friendsgiving was a success! We invited our “Newlywed Squad” over for a Friendsgiving dinner Monday night and it was the most fun!! It was our first time hosting in our apartment and Chas + I agreed we make a pretty good team. I’m thankful he cooked the turkey and I got to decorate and make the place feel cozy and inviting. I’ll be sharing more details from it later this week, but here’s a sneak peek!
  • Loving this plaid coat for fall.
  • One of my very favorite home decor brands, MacKenzie-Childs, (aka where over half of my wedding registry was from) sent me some of their new arrivals for the holiday season!! I did an unboxing on my Instagram stories which I saved in my highlights under ‘Gift Ideas.’ I’ll be sharing how I style them in our home for Christmas a little later, but if you want to shop them now here are the items: Nutcracker dish towels, Nutcracker set of 4 plates, Nutcracker Mug Tower, Christmas Wreath, and Beaded Christmas Tree (these are even prettier in person!)
  • Speaking of Instagram stories, I asked what kind of holiday content you guys wanted to see these next few months and majority of the answers were gift guides, outfit inspo, gift wrapping ideas and recipes! I’m excited to start creating content for the most wonderful time of the year!
  • We were in charge of making chili for our small group family dinner last night. I love chili when it’s cold outside and Chas’ recipe is so yummy!

  • After struggling to figure out how to work our thermostat, Chas and I realized we have to actually tell our apartment building that we’re ready for our heater to be on. Praise the Lord it’s no longer 60º inside!
  • Had to get the flu shot this week. I really don’t like getting the flu shot because I always feel like when I do get it I end up getting the flu and when I don’t get it I never get the flu… anyone else? However, my job wanted me to and I guess it’s a good idea since this will be my first time living in a real winter. Diffusing my thieves oil like it’s my job these days!
bloom & grow forever,
Madeline Rose