What’s In My Bag

I always find it interesting to see what other people carry in their handbags so today I’m spilling what I like to have in mine! And let me just say, this Clare V. Tote has been the best bag. It has traveled on multiple trips with me and has been so durable and kept it’s shape very well. It also comes in black which is currently on sale here. Keep reading to see some of my favorite things to carry around and let me know what you always have in your bag in the comments below!

Summer bag essentials | Miss Madeline Rose Clare V. Alice Tote | Miss Madeline Rose


It’s always a good idea to have a pair of sunglasses on hand. I love the classic clubmaster style of these black sunglasses. They’re timeless, sophisticated and are sure to match any outfit. This exact pair is currently sold out but I found identical styles here, here, and here.

What's in my bag | Miss Madeline Rose

May Book Planner | Miss Madeline RoseMay Designs | Miss Madeline Rose


I live by a planner. I wish I could just use the calendar on my phone but there’s something about writing it all down that seems to help unclutter my sometimes chaotic brain. The May Book planner by May Designs is big enough for me to have my monthly view + weekly pages while still being a perfect size to fit in my bag. The watercolor design on the cover also just makes me happy.

What's in my bag | Miss Madeline Rose

Essential oils | Miss Madeline Rose Clear travel bag | Miss Madeline Rose


My family is very oily… and by that I mean we loooove our essential oils. I mentioned a while back that my mom got my sister and I a Young Living starter kit for Christmas and they are my go-to when I’m starting to feel under the weather. This thieves hand sanitizer works wonders. I also love the wipes!


The one thing you won’t find me without is my peppermint oil! If I could only choose one to have forever it would be this little guy. From stress and anxiety to upset stomachs and menstrual cramps this oil is such a life saver. I even used a drop on some of my masks during hygiene school because #stress #badbreath #morestress… My favorite spots to put it are behind my ears, on my temples, wrists, and the back of my neck.

What's in my bag | Miss Madeline Rose

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment | Miss Madeline RoseTravel necessities | Miss Madeline Rose


Hands down the most frequently asked question I get is what kind of mascara I use and I’m always so excited because it’s nothing crazy or expensive! And it’s all in the technique… I use 2 coats of L’Oreal Voluminous Primer + 2 coats of L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara. Start at your lash line and wiggle the brush until you reach the tip of your lashes. I always have this in my bag in case I need to apply an extra coat for a date night or dinner with friends.


My handbag typically always has some kind of yummy smell good whether that be some type of lotion or perfume. Gucci Bloom is my current favorite and this roller-ball fits perfectly in my clear bag.

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

If you haven’t tried the Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh you must! Not only does it have SPF 15 in it, there are so many lovely colors and it feels good on your lips and stays on your lips for a while. You know you love it when you’re almost out and are using your fingernail to get every last bit. Although wonderful, the stuff is not cheap. I’ve tried the petal color and also have the advanced therapy, but the bloom color is my favorite! Win, win! #bloomandgrowforever

Workout wedding band | Miss Madeline Rose


When my husband told me I wasn’t allowed to wear my wedding rings when we worked out (he was worried that I would go too hard and a diamond would fall out…wink) I went on the hunt for an alternative workout wedding band. Enter Qalo. I’ve seen these rings advertised on Instagram and found one I loved. They also have these cute simple skinny ones that would be fun to stack if you also like to workout or are pregnant and your rings don’t fit.. I’ve heard that happens!

Sudio headphones | Miss Madeline RoseMay Book Planner | Miss Madeline Rose


One of my newer additions to my bag is this pair of headphones by Sudio. They are all things fabulous: rose gold, chic, and wireless. They also come in a cute pouch and you just charge them once they run out of juice. A full charge lasts 9+ hours and you connect them on your phone via bluetooth. They have all kinds of colors and if you use the code “15MADELINE” you can get 15% off your own pair!

What's in my bag | Miss Madeline Rose

Hair Tie

These pony tail holders are all I wear these days and thank goodness they come in a set of 3 because one somehow always ends up disappearing. They come in different colors and don’t leave a crease in your hair! The best.

Phone + Keys + Wallet

And then there’s the obvious trinkets like my phone, keys (which how cute is this dusty rose tassel? – makes finding my keys a lot easier!) and wallet. Not pictured are the endless receipts, gum wrappers, and snacks… lots of snacks. Anybody else?

What's in my bag | Miss Madeline Rose May Designs tassel | Miss Madeline Rose

bloom & grow forever,
Madeline Rose


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