Weekend in Lake Geneva

Weekend in Lake Geneva

This past weekend Chas and I ventured to a place neither of us have been before, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It was the perfect time to get away from the city, relax, and reset. Chas had 4 exams this past week and was looking forward to getting to unwind and enjoy this special little trip as we head into spring break.

Grand Geneva Room Service | Miss Madeline RoseGrand Geneva Room Service | Miss Madeline Rose

We treated ourselves to room service (buttermilk pancakes + eggs benedict, yes please!) and it brought back all the honeymoon memories! Side note: I’ve said this before, but these black pajamas are my favorite pajamas I’ve ever owned. They run true to size and inspire all the cozy feels when you put them on. Promise!

Grand Geneva Resort & Spa | Miss Madeline Rose

We got to spend these few days unplugging – just the two of us – focusing on, praying over, and casting a vision for our marriage. Our church here in the city hosted this getaway at the Grand Geneva. It was special getting to listen to wise couples share how the Lord has been glorified through the gift of marriage and how important it is to keep Jesus at the center so that our marriages can leave a lasting impact.

Grand Inn | Miss Madeline RoseGrand Inn | Miss Madeline Rose

Chas and I decided to get a ride into the charming little town of Lake Geneva and enjoy a romantic dinner and beautiful views of the sunset at the Geneva Inn. I’m so glad we did this! This little spot looked straight out of a movie (and my date looked quite dapper himself) The dreamiest.

Grand Inn | Miss Madeline RoseGrand Inn | Miss Madeline Rose

We’ll be heading back to Dallas this week and I can hardly wait!

bloom + grow forever,
Madeline Rose

  • Sharon Mittel March 18, 2019 at 9:16 am

    Sounds wonderful!! SO thankful that you will take the time to nurture the incredible relationship God has given you!! These memories will stay with you always and will give you strength when you need it most!! We love you both SO much!! Nana and Grandad