Weekend at Hoffman Haus

A couple weeks ago Chas + I road-tripped to the Hoffman Haus in Fredericksburg to celebrate our one year anniversary. Our anniversary fell on a pretty busy weekend this year – I graduated Friday, May 25th and the next day was our one year! We thought a bed and breakfast would be the perfect place to relax and reflex on our last twelve months of marriage.

Every morning they drop off a hot yummy breakfast at your front door. We enjoyed ours at our quaint table and chairs right outside our room. The best way to start off the day. Also, I’ve been living in this pajama set since I bought it! So comfortable.

The Hoffman Haus has multiple rooms, suits, and houses to choose from. We stayed in the Texas Bunkhouse and loved it for its cozy cottage feel and southern charm. Also, they have the most amazing shampoo, conditioner and body wash with aromatherapy that just smelled heavenly.

We strolled down Main street stopping in stores gathering inspiration and escaping the heat. This perfume smelled wonderful – I’m obviously a fan of anything with rose in it!

One of my favorite places we went to was Vaudeville. They are a boutique on the main level and have a delicious restaurant downstairs along with an outdoor supper club. Chas and I thought it reminded us of some of the places we ate at on our honeymoon which was sweet.

Thanks to my sweet husband I left with this darling hat made by a local company in Austin, Tula.

Chas loves a good library and the bed and breakfast had quite the selection of books. (Along with some movie options, too!)

For a sweet treat stop by Clear River Pecan Company. Chas and I can never say no to ice cream – it’s our favorite!

Marriage is such a special gift. It’s not always easy and by no means perfect, but it’s incredibly sanctifying. Thankful I get to bloom + grow in all areas of life with my love forever.

bloom & grow forever, 
Madeline Rose