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The Perfect Faux Linen Curtains For Your Home

After spending some time gathering inspiration for fresh curtains in our new place, I decided I wanted something light and airy to compliment the beautiful light that streams in throughout the day. These faux linen curtains are just that while providing an additional element of warmth and privacy.

Faux linen curtains | Miss Madeline Roselight and airy faux linen curtains | Miss Madeline Rose

Curtain Rods

We used these simple black curtain rods. I love how thin they are while still being strong enough for the weight of the drapes. I ordered two of the 72″ to 144″ rods. All three rods were used for the larger window and we ended up not needing the third rod for the smaller window.

TIP: One thing I learned when researching curtains is that the best way to get that high end look is to hang the rod as close to the ceiling as you can. This elongates the window making it feel larger.

Faux linen curtains | Miss Madeline RoseFaux linen curtains | Miss Madeline Rose


These curtains remind me of a mix between Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, but at a much more affordable price. We ordered 4 of the 50” x 108” panels and I made an executive decision to hire a professional to install the drapes after I created way too many holes in the walls of our last apartment.

TIP: You can order free swatches to make sure you’re happy with the colorway. I chose the samples rice white and barley and ended up preferring the look of the creamy rice white in our space. This brand is sold per panel not in a set so make sure you double check how many you need when adding to cart!

Faux linen curtains | Miss Madeline Rosegrecian bust decor | Miss Madeline Rose

Curtain Ring Clips

I was intrigued by these curtain ring clips when I noticed them advertised as “quiet and smooth.” They have a nylon insert that allows the curtains to not make noise or scratch the curtain rod when moved. Of the five finishes, we went with the oil-rubbed bronze. Even though you don’t notice them that much I liked how the brown seemed softer next to the black. I actually ordered another set of rings as well to compare and these really were a lot quieter.

TIP: Attach the ring clips in an accordion style fold to elevate the look.

Faux linen curtains | Miss Madeline RoseFaux linen curtains | Miss Madeline Rose

Faux Linen Curtains (rice white) | Curtain Rod | Curtain Ring Clips (oil-rubbed bronze)

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