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My Favorite Lash + Brow Serum

It’s no secret I love thick, long lashes. One of the most common questions I get asked is about the mascara I use and while I am not quite ready to give up my loyalty to L’Oreal voluminous primer + telescopic mascara, I have been testing out an all natural and safe serum the past few months to help nourish, strengthen and grow my lashes and even eyebrows. I came across this recipe in our essential oil facebook group (that you get access to when you grab your starter kit!) and decided to give it a try.


+ 6 drops lavender essential oil

+ 6 drops cedarwood essential oil

+ 6 drops rosemary essential oil

+ Organic pure castor oil

+ Empty mascara tube

I purchased these empty clear mascara tubes and used this organic castor oil to make my serum. Every night, after you cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin apply the serum to your lashes and brows. Be careful not to rub your eyes so you don’t get the serum in them. I have honestly noticed a difference in my lashes and have been tweezing my brows more frequently since using this serum. My mom even asked me a few weeks ago if I was doing anything different because she could tell a difference!

DIY Lash serum | Miss Madeline RoseDIY Lash serum | Miss Madeline Rose

Let me know if you try it! If you grab your starter kit this month I will send you your very own lash + brow serum. You can sign up HERE.

bloom + grow forever,
Madeline Rose