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Blanket scarves are a quick and easy accessory that finish off a look while still being put-together. It took me a while to master exactly how to tie them, but once you get it you’ll be doing it with all of your scarves! I’m excited to share with you how you can create that effortless look with the help of my beautiful sister!
1. You will want to start with a scarf that is in the shape of a square.
2. Next, fold the scarf diagonally so that you have a triangle (shown in picture 2).
3. Then, wrap your arms around your neck and switch the ends of your scarf, still making sure that the point is in the front (see picture 3 & 4).
4. Pull the ends that you just switched down and voila! You can hide the ends under the point or keep them to the sides.
It’s fun to play around with it, pulling both ends down creates a smaller area around your neck, or you can pull the area with the point down to give the scarf more of a chunky feel.
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