1907 By Fromm Beauty

1907 By Fromm Hair Brushes for Blowouts

Fromm 1907 Hot Paddle Brush and Fromm 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush

1907 By Fromm Beauty Hair Brush Collection

1907 Square Thermal Rounder Brush by Fromm Beauty

1907 By Fromm Beauty

Fromm 1907 Hot Paddle Brush c/o | Fromm 1907 Square Thermal Rounder Brush c/o | Fromm 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush c/o | Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Jord Watch c/o | White Off Shoulder Top with Lace Trim | NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in “Natural” 

 I was recently introduced to Fromm Beauty’s 1907 hair brush collection. Having used the magic trio over the past month, I thought it would be fun (and a little different) to do a post dedicated to them! All of the girls in my family have thick thick THICK hair which I love and is so fun to style and braid, but when it comes to blow drying I’m down for the count. Talk about an arm workout. After testing out these amazing brushes, I can promise that your hair will dry in half the time with a sleek shiny finish!

Hot Paddle Brush

This brush is a GAME. CHANGER. If I’m not being lazy and go to bed with my hair wet, it typically takes me about 18-20 minutes (with the most powerful wattage blow dryer) for my hair to be completely dry. However, after I used this hot paddle brush I was able to cut 13 minutes! 13!! It only took me 7.14 (yes, I timed it on my phone) minutes for my hair to dry. The brush has a thermal soothing plate with an aluminum pad that retains heat for reduced dry time while straightening the hair. If I had to choose just one of these brushes this would be my first pick!

Square Thermal Rounder Brush

Honestly, the square thermal rounder brush is probably the hardest one for me to use. I feel like there’s a science to holding the blow dryer properly while styling my hair with the rounder brush. I do love that it’s more square than round which allows multiple styling options like straightening, loose curls, and tight curls. This video is helpful to see how to achieve the straight sleek look using this brush! I’m determined to master this technique!

Glosser Paddle Brush

I love this brush! The mix of premium boar bristles and rejuvenating nylon pins work magically to create a luscious finish for beautiful healthy hair! The glosser paddle brush feels so soft on my scalp while still working to detangle and add shine. It also works just as well on wet hair. I love that the bristles contain an anti-frizz serum that give your hair a soft and smooth texture without any static.
Which one sounds the best to you?
bloom & grow forever,
Madeline Rose


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  • Catherine Grantham April 26, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    I may try these!! I have super thick hair too! Usually takes roughly 30 minutes! I need something to cut the time!


    • Miss Madeline Rose April 26, 2016 at 9:21 pm

      You would love them!! It’s like a game now to see how fast I can dry my hair. Let me know what you think if you get one!